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What is telemedicine?

As coronavirus cases continue to rise, people are sheltering in place to slow its spread. However, many people still need care from a board-certified dermatologist. To keep patients safe and conserve personal protective equipment — such as masks, gowns, and gloves — Chicago Skin Clinic is seeing patients virtually through telemedicine.

Telemedicine allows you to have an appointment with Dr. Danny, including from the comfort and safety of your home using your smartphone or computer. Patients with both new concerns and ones with chronic conditions can be treated through telemedicine. Your telemedicine appointment could include:

During your telemedicine appointment, you can:

  • Have us examine a skin, hair, or nail problem.

  • Have a check up on suspicious spots on your skin. If Dr. Danny thinks a spot, such as a potential melanoma, needs to be tested or removed, we may ask you to come into their office for an in-person appointment.

  • Maintain treatment for a chronic skin condition, like psoriasis or eczema. It’s important to continue caring for your skin, even when you can’t get to your come to our office.

  • Be prescribed medication for your skin condition if necessary.

  • Receive dermatologic care when it is convenient to you. Through telemedicine, some patients can communicate back and forth with the Chicago Skin Clinic staff electronically, so you do not always need to be available to meet at the same time.

  • See a board-certified dermatologist even when you can’t leave your home, or if you live in a remote area.

While telemedicine can’t always replace an in-person visit with Dr. Danny, it can help in times when you can’t get to their office.

Telemedicine works best for visible skin, hair, and nail conditions, including:

Depending on your condition, Dr. Danny may want to see you in person instead of through telemedicine. To find out if telemedicine may be the right choice for your dermatology appointment, contact our staff at Chicago Skin Clinic. By receiving care this way instead of in person, you can stay safe and help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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